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Well Restoration

In Liberia access to clean drinking water is a serious concern. In many communities this isn’t because of a lack of wells but instead because of a lack of functioning wells. A recent survey of water points in Liberia revealed a serious number of broken down wells forcing people to walk long distances or use contaminated water sources. In the Royesville area alone, 9 out of 10 communities were experiencing hardship due to broken down wells.

You can help change this by restoring a well!

UOF has devised a well restoration program that allows communities to take ownership over their wells by training them to diagnose, fix and maintain their well independently. The process involves a community group of four men and four women working through three training phases that enables us to train them then, slowly remove ourselves from the process as villagers gain the confidence to do it themselves. This is a long term program that we are confident will change the quality of life for Liberian villagers and their children forever.

Your donation will give the community the training, tools, supplies, knowledge and support they need to independently manage their well. Please help Liberian communities with their need for functioning wells and clean drinking water.



Roys before Before        Restored wellAfter

New Water Projects

When selecting villages for our well restoration program we travel to a vast number of communities to assess their situation. Unfortunately, there are some communities where the well can’t be restored or they don’t even have one to start with.

We always promise the people in these villages that we’ll tell others about their situation and try to find a way to help. This year when Africa Heartwood Project contacted us and asked if we knew of any communities in need of a new well we immediately pulled out our list.

All of the villages we proposed have been identified as in need of assistance in obtaining a reliable clean water source and they have committed to organizing their Community Development Fund for self-reliance in maintaining their hand dug well.  With the help of our well team, Africa Heartwood Project has initiated the community engagement process and will provide the funds for the digging of the wells. Once we have dug the well and installed the pump, UOF will conduct its community well technician training and hygiene workshop. Thanks to the partnership with Africa Heartwood and you these communities will have clean drinking water this year.