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Our Successes

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Let’s celebrate the improvements that have taken place in people’s lives since the Universal Outreach community started collaborating with ambitious Liberians and Hondurans. We are proud to be part of this community of globally-minded people who are always willing to share their resources, time and love.


  • 228 new beekeepers trained.
  • 25 beekeepers advance their skills with UOF’s intermediate beekeeper training program.
  • UOF’s beekeeping extension team continues to support thousands of beekeepers across Liberia.
  • UOF partners with conservation organizations to train beekeepers in living in close proximity to forest conservation regions and newly established national parks.
  • Over 3000 gallons of honey is produced in Liberia –  a 100% increase from 2017.
  • Development of community-based coconut oil processing equipment for Universal Outreach’s economic development program in coconut oil production for low-income communities.
  • Liberia Pure Honey reaches a sales milestone by selling over $100,000 USD in product this year.
  • Sales of Liberia Pure Honey and Coconut Oil continue to grow.
  • Honey collection and education centre is started in Lofa County.
  • The Bright Stars scholarship program awards 68 scholarships.
  • Strive, the after school learning centre opens and provides creative after school learning opportunities for children and adults.
  • Over 7,500 children and adults attend after school programs at Strive.
  • The Food Lab opens and new entrepreneurs start testing out their products.


  • 80 new beekeepers trained 

  • 20 beekeepers advance their skills with UOF’s intermediate beekeeper training program.

  • UOF’s beekeeping extension team expands to support beekeepers in 13 Liberian counties

  • UOF partners with conservation organizations to train beekeepers surrounds Liberia’s newly formed Gola National Parks

  • Over 2000 gallons of honey is produced by Liberian beekeepers

  • Sales of Liberia Pure Honey continue to grow

  • Liberia Pure Coconut Oil hits grocery store shelves

  • Liberia Pure takes first prize for African honey at the London Honey Show

  • Honey collection and education centre is built in Ganta, Nimba

  • The Bright Stars scholarship program awards 70 scholarships

  • The AME Church takes over the direction of the Daniels Adams School of Excellence

  • The construction of the Universal Outreach learning and business development centre is completed

  • Renovations of Strive, the after school learning centre begin.


  • 163 people are trained as beekeepers and receive twelve months of hands-on training and support from the Universal Outreach beekeeping extension team. To date Universal Outreach has trained 1352 beekeepers.
  • Honey sales double in 2017 as compared to 2016.
  • Beekeepers sell $22,000 USD of honey to the social enterprise Liberia Pure Honey.
  • The Universal Outreach beekeeping extension team travels to every honey-producing county in support of new beekeepers.
  • A total of $70,000 USD is earned by beekeepers since 2011.
  • 25 of Liberia’s most promising beekeepers participate in an intermediate beekeeping training program that builds their skills and confidence.
  • The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives provides UOF with a second grant for beekeeper training.
  • Six harvest skills refresher courses are conducted by the Universal Outreach beekeeping extension team to ensure beekeepers harvest their honey properly and to an international standard.
  • Construction continues on the learning centre/business development centre and UOF centre of operations with an expected completion date of May 2018. A solar system for the property is purchased to reduce generator fuel costs and to provide an environmentally friendly source of energy.
  • 70 students receive a scholarship through the Bright Stars Scholarship program.
  • The Daniels Adams School of Excellence receives monthly funding for teachers salaries.
  • Liberia Pure Honey continues to be mentored by Universal Outreach as the social enterprise grows and develops.
  • Universal Outreach sits on the board for the Daniels Adams School of Excellence (DASE) to provide guidance and oversight. The schools enrolment grown to 180 students.
  • The African Methodist Episcopal Church funds the renovation of two rooms at DASE to be used as a dormitory and Universal Outreach oversses the project.
  • A new social enterprise, Liberia Pure Coconut Oil, starts production and commits to future profits to Universal Outreach’s educational programs.


  • 65 students receive scholarships through the Bright Stars Scholarship Program.
  • 196 people participate in our beekeeping training program and receive ongoing support from the Universal Outreach beekeeping extension team.
  • The beekeeping extension team expands to seven people. This team travels on GPS controlled motorcycles to all of the honey producing counties in Liberia to support new beekeepers.
  • 25 new beekeepers advance their skills our intermediate beekeeping training workshop.
  • The US funded Farmer to Farmer Initiative sends a beekeeper to Liberia to support our beekeeping team.
  • The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives provides a grant for 25 women to participate in an all female beekeeping training program.
  • Construction starts on the new Universal Outreach compound. The compound is walled, a well installed, a generator house and storage facility is built and the new building site is prepared. The foundation for the  new four storey building is completed. This building will be home to Universal Outreach programs and offices.
  • Beekeeper trainings are provided as a means to generate income sources for Liberians who live in environmentally sensitive forested regions.
  • Chambar restaurant in Vancouver BC hosts #sweetrelief and raises $83,445.73 in support of beekeeping in Liberia.
  • Calgary Rotary donates a generator to the Universal Outreach for the new property.
  • The Daniels Adams School of Excellence receives monthly funding for teachers salaries.
  • Universal Outreach sits on the board for the Daniels Adams School of Excellence to provide guidance and oversight.


  • Child dignity kits are distributed to 130 children who lost a parent to Ebola.
  • The Child of the Community Sponsorship and Bright Stars Scholarship Programsexpands to include 15 more children.
  • UOF continues to work with the Daniels Adams School of Excellence. Enrolment at the school increases to 150 students once classes resume after the Ebola crisis.
  • UOF provides a lunch program to the students at the Daniels Adams School of Excellence.
  • UOF partners with Silvanus Ministries to provide a computer training program  and provides the school with ten refurbished laptops. 27 students take computer training through this program.Students attending literacy classes at Silvanus Ministries get the added benefit of using the donated laptops to practice their lessons on.
  • 90 women gain an income generating skills by attending the Universal Outreach funded Pastry and Baking program.
  • 254 people become trained as beekeepers and receives “in field” monthly support visits from Universal Outreach’s team of beekeeping extension workers. These programs are offered through partnerships with Prosper, the Society for the Conservation of Nature in Liberia and Global Village.
  • Beekeepers sell 550 gallons of honey to Liberia Pure Honey. Putting more money in the pockets of families in rural Liberia.
  • A property purchased in Paynesville Liberia to provide a long term home for UOF’s office and programs.
  • Liberia’s top beekeepers and Liberia’s up and coming beekeepers rapidly advance their skills at Universal Outreach’s intensive Advanced Training Workshop, Beginner’s Workshop and Wax Production Workshop. Master beekeepers from England, Nigeria and Cameroon spent two weeks in Liberia to share their knowledge with Liberian beekeepers.


  • UOF’s Ebola Survivors program provides food and medicine to communities where Ebola first struck.UOF responds to the Ebola crisis with its Stop Ebola Now program, reaching 34,500 people with hygiene safety kits and an awareness campaign.
  • UOF oversaw the administration at the Royesville school (DASE) and the enrolment increased from 54 to 110 students.
  • UOF organized and funded three teacher-training workshops to improve teaching methods.
  • UOF enhanced academic offerings at DASE by increasing classroom reading materials, adding a young readers section to the library, increasing students time in the library and instituting daily read aloud sessions and journaling in the classroom.
  • UOF improved extra curricular offerings at DASE that included: field trips, academic competitions, athletic events and cultural dance lessons.
  • An adult skills training programs in masonry, baking, tailoring and cosmetology is organized by a community group and offered at the DASE campus. UOF participated by supporting the start up costs of this program. 18 students graduated.
  • 15 wells are restored and 144 people are trained to repair and maintain their well.
  • 5 new wells are installed for communities in need.
  • This year 4095 people gained access to a clean safe water source because of the well program.
  • UOF implemented the first ever beekeeping certification course in Liberia with 12 participants.
  • UOF provided extension workers and trainers for the Education Development Center to support youth beekeepers in 5 counties throughout Liberia.
  • UOF worked with local trade’s people to create beekeeping equipment that is made in Liberia. This includes beekeeping suits, smokers, hive tools, beehives, and solar extractors.
  • UOF provided 100 sets of beekeeping starter kits to various organizations engaging in beekeeping.
  • 579 students are exposed to beekeeping skills by attending workshops on hosted by Universal Outreach in partnership with the Advancing Youth Program.


  • 100 farmers are introduced to beekeeping.
  • The UOF well restoration program expands its hygiene component to include more extensive instruction for adults and a program for children.
  • 18 wells are restored and 1 new well is dug, bringing clean drinking water to 6823 people.
  • 107 new community well technicians are trained.
  • 8 new children get sponsored to attend school.
  • 9 children are given scholarships at the Royesville school.
  • Teachers at the Royesville School attend a week long teacher training focused on teaching methods.
  • The principal at DASE attends a 3 month workshop for school administration.
  • Ultrasound machine training takes place and technicians begin using it.
  • 107 students enroll at the Royesville School.
  • A lunch program is established for the students.
  • Royesville Community Priorities workshop is facilitated by UOF and skills training is identified as high priority.
  • A community group from Royesville is working on the creation of a skills training program.
  • 26 pigs are raised at the El Hogar Farm School. 6 are kept for breeding and 20 are sent to market generating $4300 in income for the school.
  • The Tilapia ponds generate an invaluable learning experience for the students.
  • The girls from El Hogar finish their first year of school in Santa Lucia at the top of their class.


  • Ongoing support for the redevelopment of the honey bee industry.
  • 12 more children join our Child of the Community Sponsorship Program.
  • 21 communities receive clean water through our Well Restoration and Hygiene Training Program, bringing safe drinking water to 8407 people.
  • UOF assists in job placements for 6 students that participated in a Small Engine Repair course hosted by Grassroots Ministries.
  • Micro loan recipient Mayama Kromah’s palm oil trading business expands.


  • Purchase of the Santa Lucia girl’s student residence in Honduras for the female students at El Hogar who are moving on to high school.
  • Micro financing of a sustainable fish farm at the El Hogar Agriculture School for boys in Honduras.
  • Well rehabilitation projects in Liberia, West Africa.
  • Teacher scholarships awarded to attend teacher training in Liberia.
  • Adult Literacy – 18 women graduate from the level one in Royesville, Liberia


  • Completion of Royesville School in Liberia, West Africa – Senior and Junior High School Buildings finished. This 12 building construction spanned over the three years, starting in 2007. This school can facilitate classes from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and also includes living quarters for the teachers, a fully equipped library, principal’s house, water tower, washroom block, three palava huts, a cook shack and three wells.
  • Bogbe Foot Bridge Community Project in Liberia is completed allowing safe travel over swampy areas for the local children and adults.
  • Santa Rosa Rural Youth Leadership Training Program Dormitory building in Honduras is completed.
  • Blamacee Charles a teacher from the Royesville School, receives funding from UOF to attend University with the goal of obtaining his degree and returning to Royesville to better serve the students.
  • Momo, a deaf child from the Royesville school area, is sponsored and receives the opportunity to go to a school for the deaf.
  • Adult literacy classes are sponsored by Universal Outreach and 25 students enroll from the Royesville area.


  • Completion of the Topoe Town School in Topoe Town, Liberia, West Africa. The school is equipped to offer classes from kindergarten to grade 12. This school and community center is currently operated and funded by the AME Church of Liberia. A special thanks to the Ecclesiastes foundation for instigating and supporting this endeavor.
  • Beachside Royesville Community well is dug, providing the only source of clean drinking water in a 20 km radius.
  • Ongoing construction at the Royesville School in Liberia West Africa. Elementary school classes begin. Palava huts and cook shack are built. Construction of the junior and senior high school buildings begins.
  • Sponsorship of the Royesville community through our Child of the Community Sponsorship program.
  • Musema School, Burundi, Africa – Completion of a dormitory and a new water system as well as renovating the existing latrines at this elementary through high school education facility.


  • Gracias Youth Training School, El Tablon, Honduras – Completion of the 3500 square foot expansion for this skills based training facility for youth.
  • Completion of the four technical school buildings at El Hogar in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The boys are taught carpentry, metalworking, air conditioning & refrigeration, auto mechanics and electrical.
  • On going construction of the Topoe Town School and the Royesville School in Liberia West Africa. Elementary school building, administration building, principal’s house, teachers facility, water tower, generator house are completed. Two wells are dug.


  • UOF arrives in Liberia to begin the construction of the Royesville and Topoe Town schools.
  • El Hogar Technical School – Completion of two 9000 sq. ft. multi-purpose buildings, on time and on budget for under $20 a sq. ft. The first building houses the computer lab, library and assembly hall and the second building accommodates the dining hall, classrooms and kitchen. UOF was a major contributor to this project.
  • The new dormitory at the El Hogar Agricultural School in Honduras is completed in February, on time and on budget at under $15 a sq. ft. This enables the farm school to increase their enrollment by 50%.
  • The retaining wall along the riverbank, sidewalks and fire escape is completed at the Technical School.
  • El Hogar, Honduras – Workshop equipment was purchased and installed at the Technical School.


  • Three workshops are completed at El Hogar’s technical school in Honduras.
  • Ongoing fundraising efforts for El Hogar Projects in Honduras.
  • Ian and Mary Rose, our tournament manager Nora Johnson and the team of 12 and along with our generous sponsors and donors, who contributed to and organized our “Fore the Kids” golf tournament fundraiser.
  • Children Helping Children: The Bake House, a popular café in West Vancouver, with the assistance of Grade 6 & 7 students from Chartwell Elementary School, hosted a Christmas fund-raiser for El Hogar. Thanks to Ian Rose and Jenny Lamb for making this a reality. The goal for the fund-raiser was to raise enough money to purchase Christmas clothing and gifts for the younger children at El Hogar.

2003 – 2005

  • Ongoing fund raising for the Technical and Agriculture Schools at El Hogar in Tegucigalpa Honduras.

Fundraising events included:

  • “Fore the Boy’s” Golf Tournament – hosted by UOF annually for four years.
  • Hockey Night in Vancouver hosted by Darren and Kelly Van Unen.
  • Ski Trip to Utah – hosted by Doug Wood.
  • Equipment Sponsorship Program: This program is designed to encourage individual and group sponsorship of workshop equipment for the metalworking, carpentry and electrical shops.
  • A Group Of Concerned Vancouver-Area Citizens, under the leadership of Ian and Mary Rose, organized the filling and shipment of a 40-foot container for El Hogar. Contributors to the container:
  • ROCKRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL Interact Club hosted a tool drive for the new Technical School.
  • UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA: donated desks and chairs.
  • ST. CHRISTOPHER’S AND ST. STEPHENS: towels and linens.
  • FRAZER VALLEY GLEANERS: provided 20,000 servings of dried vegetable soup mix, and apple chips.
  • Y FRANKS & EDMONDS APPLIANCE: 17 appliances.
  • BEKINS MOVING & STORAGE: warehouse space for the container contents.
  • Four team trips to El Hogar: For the purpose of monitoring progress and providing ongoing due diligence, Ian Rose, accompanied by his wife Mary, visited El Hogar in March 2004. He returned in October with fellow Rotarians. Kent Bubbs, Bill Van Unen and Dave LeGallais did a visitation in April. Kent Bubbs Jr. and his wife, Landis worked at El Hogar while they were motoring through Central America.


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  2. […] two have taken over the Universal Outreach Foundation, set up almost 20 years ago by Bubbs’ parents, Kent Sr. and Gerry, with the proceeds from […]

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