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Strive, a community educational centre, was born from the idea that learning shouldn’t stop in the classroom. We recognize the right to academic education for all people and we also believe that learning, in its many forms, can continue when school is done. We built Strive, a community resource centre, so Liberians can have a safe, reliable, comfortable space for people to meet, share their ideas and programs and inspire each other. Strive, supports Universal Outreach’s vision to strengthen communities in Liberia through education and economic development initiatives.

Universal Outreach offers its own programs at Strive and the centre also invites talented individuals and groups to come share their skills with Liberians, Africans and anyone who calls Liberia home. It’s also a comfortable space for community groups to gather to discuss their common interests or for organizations to put on a program or awareness campaign. We believe that people living in Liberia have much to share with each other so we created a safe place to meet, host programs and enlighten each other.

We invite cultural groups, educators, coaches, teachers, women’s groups, youth leaders, musicians and NGOs to come use the centre. Anyone with a talent or information to share that helps the community in a positive way is welcome to use Strive. At Strive, we believe that when we lift each other up, we all rise.

Currently, the centre offers an after school storytelling time, drawing and crafting, the Saturday bike club, a movie hour, cultural dance, youth dance, computer lessons, music lessons, critical thinking and writing classes, study classes and entrepreneurship skills.

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