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Bright Stars Scholarship Program

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In Liberia the literacy rate is a low 48%. To be an academic achiever in this educational climate it is truly an achievement worth rewarding. The cost of educating a child can put a great strain on parents, often resulting in children having to leave school until the tuition money can be raised.

To encourage and support hard working students Universal Outreach has created the Bright Stars Scholarship Program. Scholarships are awarded on a year by year basis to motivated students who demonstrate a love of learning. By providing a gifted student with a scholarship you will ensure a child in Liberia meets their potential and dreams.

In 2018 we added a trades school option for youth in need of a skill to support themselves with. If you’re a believer in skills training programs contributing to this scholarship program will ensure one of the youth waiting for a scholarship will get the opportunity to learn a trade.

  • For $50 each month or $600 per year you can provide a youth with a scholarship to a trades school or high school. This covers the cost of tuition and registration.
  • For $40 each month or $480 per year you can provide a scholarship to one of Universal Outreach’s “Bright Stars”. This level of funding covers tuition, a uniform, school supplies and a contribution to Strive, our after school learning centre.

This program is open to the public and applications are accepted on a yearly basis. All students must qualify each year  by achieving and maintaining their grade point average. Your scholarship will always go to a deserving student, but because this program is merit based, the student who receives the scholarship may change from year to year. All funds for this program are pooled and distributed to meet the specific needs of all Bright Stars Scholars.

To provide a scholarship, click on the orange Donate Now button at the top of this page button then be sure to check the “Make this a Monthly Donation” box. If you have any questions please contact the Universal Outreach office at 604-922-0495.