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Summer 2011

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We Love Liberia

No doubt about it, we love Liberia.  Building those schools was a serious undertaking and although we are happy to have successfully wrapped up that task, we must admit we have fallen for the place. Liberia still has a long way to go on its road to recovery and there is so much we need to do to help.  Let us tell you about some great initiatives that we think you’ll want to help with, but first…….!

Urgent Needs! Can You Help?

New or used lap top computers with strong batteries
New or used digital cameras
New or used unlocked GMS cell phones
Aeroplan Miles

If you are able to contribute any of these items please contact Kent Bubbs Jr at kentbubbsjr@gmail.com. Thanks in advance for helping us fulfill this list!

Think Your Leaky Tap is a Hassle?

We can all feel a little frustrated when our taps leak and we have to go without water in the kitchen or the bathroom until it gets sorted out. If you think that’s bad, try having the community well break down and needing to walk kilometers to the next one or worse, having to use a polluted water source like a pond, swamp, or slow moving creek. In the greater Royesville area alone, 9 out of 10 villages we visited had broken wells. Before the war, various organizations installed wells and although they did a good job of installation very few community members were trained in fixing the wells.
UOF has devised a “Well Rehabilitation Program” involving 8 men and women from each village.  They are trained on how to diagnose, fix and maintain their well. We train them and slowly work ourselves out of the process as villagers gain the confidence to do it themselves. This is a long term program that we are confident will change the quality of life for the Liberian villagers and their children forever. Life, health and education all start with good water.

If you are interested in helping us change this situation we’d like to have you involved in this project. For only $1500 you could provide water to an entire community. This money will help the community to complete the well rehabilitation training program as well as provide them with the parts, tools, supplies, knowledge and supervision they need to fix the problems themselves. For a more detailed outline of the program please click here.

Raise Your Hand if You Can Write Your Name

Okay everyone, you can put your hands down now. If we were in Royesville Liberia there wouldn’t be nearly as many hands raised in response to that question. But that reality is changing.

We are thrilled to announce that the first group of students graduated on March 31, 2011 from the level one adult literacy program. UOF introduced Alfalit, an international adult literacy organization, to the community last year and sponsored the program. Students gave testimony to their accomplishments and demonstrated their new writing skills for all to see. Community members were invited to enrol in the next level one session while new graduates move on to level two.

Royesville suffers from a high level of illiteracy amongst the adult population so we are happy to see the community embracing the program. Many of the graduates are parents of children attending the school we built and UOF hopes that their new found interest in reading and writing will translate into a heightened interest in education. Please see our blog for details on the ceremony. This program was available in 2010 because of the UOF Child of the Community Sponsorship Program.

Teachers Like to Learn Too

Thanks to Child of the Community, sponsorship funds five teachers at DASE are currently upgrading their teaching skills. We let the teachers know the training would be made available to them as long as they agreed to pay a percentage of the transportation costs. Over the years UOF has found that training is taken more seriously when there is a “buy in” factor, so we struck a deal everyone was happy with and off they went. They all pass along a big THANK YOU to our donors for providing them with this opportunity.

Clean Clothes

Uniforms and physical education tee shirts with the school’s name on it are standard issue in Liberian schools and kids take a lot of pride in wearing them. In Royesville, each student can only afford one uniform so they end up having to go to school some days out of uniform because it’s drying on the clothes line. This seems to be a particular problem the day after gym class is offered.

The school hadn’t produced tee shirts as the additional financial burden would have been challenging for parents. UOF decided to help out and reduce the uniform washing factor by giving every student a PE tee shirt. The kids absolutely loved them and took great pride in walking around in their Daniels Adams School of Excellence tee shirt. Once again, thanks to the Child of the Community Sponsors for making this a reality for the kids.

News From Honduras

It’s Time to Help The Girl’s of El Hogar!

As you may know, for many years, El Hogar has provided academic and vocational training for poor and orphan boys in Tegucigalpa Honduras. Four years ago El Hogar began to accept a small number of girls into each grade one class.

The first group of girls will soon graduate from the elementary school and will require a high school program and residence.  We now need to provide a facility for them to live in and a five to six year high school and skills training program. This will ensure that when the girls graduate they will be at least 18 years old, the legal working age, and have marketable skills.

This is your chance to help “the Girls of El Hogar”.  Click here to read more about this opportunity.
Sustainable Schools

Universal Outreach encourages our schools to move along the road to sustainability.  To help with this process we have agreed to fund viable projects that produce revenue that in turn assists with the financial challenges of operating the schools.  We are currently funding an integrated fish culture project at the El Hogar Agricultural School. Please click here to read more about this empowering new endeavour.

Thanks to Caulfield School

Students at Caulfield Elementary School in West Vancouver gathered together in March to host an all day dance-a-thon in the name of raising funds for the Royesville School. Kids of all ages busted out their best moves in the name of giving and raised over $15 000 – wow! Thanks so much to everyone at Caulfield School for taking the day to put others needs first.

We’re Trying

UOF does its best to stay carbon neutral.  If you would like to learn more about being carbon neutral visit David Suzuki website for more information on ethical carbon credit providers. Thanks for trying too!

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