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Ways to give

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STRIVE – An After School Resource Center

2019 is the year Universal Outreach will open STRIVE an after-school centre. After school programs are rare in Liberia and we want students to have an inspiring and safe place that provides them with creative learning opportunities.

There are over 4000 kids living within walking distance of this centre and we’re confident the demand will be great. The National Liberian Cultural troop is already practising in our compound because they couldn’t wait for the renovation to finish!

  • $2,500 – Contribute annually to operational costs 
  • $1,000 – Furnishings for one learning room
  • $700 – Screen and projector for computer lab
  • $600 – Sponsor the development of a program 
  • $575 – Laptop computer with Microsoft Office
  • $200 – Give a student a computer training program
  • $125 – Table and 4 chairs for the library
  • $100 – One month of the Internet for the computer lab 
  • $100 – Give a student one month of music lessons
  • $50 – Set of books for a reading program
  • $30 – Learning tools and games
  • $25 – Arts and crafts supplies

Community Coconut Oil Production

We’ve devised a practical mobile system for producing quality coconut oil and we’re ready to take it to communities. The efficient production system increases productivity by 200% by reducing the number of coconuts needed and processing time required. That’s a serious increase in profitability for the people living in these remote coastal villages.  By putting these coconut oil production kits into the hands of coconut farmers you‘ll be reducing poverty by providing income-generating opportunities to those that need it the most. You’ve seen the change honey production has made, help us do the same with coconut oil.

We’d like 5 communities to have this opportunity to earn in 2020 and supporting any of these items will help us get there.

  • $12,500 – Train a community in coconut oil production. This includes training 20 people and equipment.
  • $8,500 – Stainless Steel Coconut Oil Press
  • $700 – Coconut Drying Table
  • $650 – Train a person in coconut oil production
  • $600 – Shelter for Coconut Oil Production
  • $475 – Coconut Cylinder Filler Table
  • $125 – Accessory tools for oil production
  • $110 – Coconut Grater and Bench

Train a Community to Beekeep

This program consists of an introduction to beekeeping course and a hive building workshop. The initial training is then followed by monthly workshops at the hives to enable hands-on learning. Each community is equipped with three hives per participant, five beekeeping kits and a solar extractor. The Universal Outreach beekeeping extension team continues to support these new beekeepers even after the course is finished. This program is where it all begins and the Universal Outreach beekeeping trainers are the best in the country.  Learn more here.

  • $11,500 train a community of 20 people to beekeep in this one year program
  • $6000 Complete the honey collection and training centre in Lofa
  • $575 train one person to beekeep
  • $300 Give a community a honey extractor kit
  • $100 Give a beekeeping suit
  • $50 Give a smoker
  • $40 Give a beehive

Beekeeping Extension Team

Our beekeeping extension team is essential for the development of the honey industry in Liberia. Consisting of Liberia’s most knowledgeable beekeepers, this team travels throughout the country to train new beekeepers and provide ongoing support. They offer a hand, provide resources and share new information. They also collect data on bee health and colonization rates so trends in bee populations can be monitored. It’s a sweet job and we need your help to keep this valuable team in the field.

  • $8,000 Salary and transportation for an extension worker for a year
  • $2,000 Motorcycle for an extension worker
  • $675 Salary and transportation for an extension worker for a month
  • $400 Extension worker beekeeping kit

Advanced Beekeeping Course

Each year 20 of the most promising new beekeepers gather for 7 days of instruction that will take their skills to the next level and provide them with the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences. This chance to attend this workshop motivates beekeepers to work hard throughout the year.

  • $4000 for a 7-day workshop for 20 people
  • $200 for one person to attend

Bright Stars Scholarship Program 

This is your opportunity to reward a diligent student. These scholarships inspire students to do their best and they help eliminate financial barriers that can get in the way of children attending school. Scholarships are awarded based on yearly grades and an independent assessment test. The recipient of your scholarship may change each year.   Learn more here.

  • $50/month for a high school scholarship that covers fees and tuition costs ($600/year)
  • $50/month for a trades school scholarship covers fees and tuition costs ($600/year)
  • $40/month for an elementary school scholarship that covers tuition, school supplies and a uniform ($480/year)

To provide a scholarship, click orange donate button at the top of this page. Enter the monthly amount and check the “Make this a monthly donation” box or you can make a one-time payment.

Food Processing Lab

Food processing is a popular way to earn a living in Liberia and we want to ensure new business people have a hygienic space to get their idea off the ground. Buying equipment can be a barrier to entry when only one business is using the equipment so we’re developing a food processing lab where commonly used equipment can be shared amongst new startups. We have a room available for this in the processing facility and we need the following:

  • $10,000 – All equipment
  • $2,500 Nut Grinder
  • $2,500 Flour Mill
  • $2,000 Dehydrator
  • $1,000 Mixing equipment and blenders
  • $500 Fridge
  • $400 Freezer
  • $300 Pots and Pans
  • $250 Measuring and weighing tools
  • $100 Utensils