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Musema School

Burundi is located at the heart of the African Great Lakes region and has weathered more than a decade of violence and troubles. Conflict has contributed to widespread poverty. Burundi ranks in 167th place among 177 countries on the 2007 UN Human Development Index, and seven out of ten Burundians live below the poverty line. Per capita gross national income (GNI) in 2007 was US$100, less than half of pre-war levels (source: IFAD).In the Musema region of Burundi education is highly valued and sought after. On a vision trip with Food for the Hungry Kent Bubbs Jr. toured the area and visited the Musema elementary and high school. This elementary school has 1000 students with 500 children attending school in the morning and 500 in the afternoon to ensure all have access to an education. As well, the high school has 586 students that live on site. This is a busy school, but, amongst the over crowding at the school there is a light that shines within each child.

Inspired by their courage and determination Universal Outreach Foundation partnered with the on site organizers, Food for the Hungry and committed to financing the rebuilding of the classrooms that were destroyed during the civil war, latrines that are adequate for the number of students, dormitories for the high school and a drinking well to help with cooking and sanitation for the kids.

As of 2009 a new dormitory has been built, latrines renovated and a new water system dug and installed.

The old latrine block

New washrooms

Please watch this video for further information.