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El Hogar Girls Residence


Our Goal: To raise $265,000 to provide a high school and residence for girls graduating from the El Hogar elementary school program.

Overview:  As you may know, for many years, El Hogar has provided academic and vocational training for poor and orphan boys in Tegucigalpa Honduras. Four years ago El Hogar began to accept a small number of girls into each grade one class.

The first coterie of girls will soon graduate from the elementary school and will require a high school program and residence. The girls will need a five to six year high school and skills training program to ensure that when they graduate they will be at least 18 years old, the legal working age, and have marketable skills.

Objective:  to ensure the “Girls’ of El Hogar” program is established in such a way that it is sustainable through achievable fund raising activities and does not require compromises in the ongoing improvement of the boys’ programs.  The Board of El Hogar is fully committed to putting in place a girls program comparable to the boys program and fully compatible with it.

The project: We have purchased a property in the town of Santa Lucia, which is an excellent site for the “Girls of El Hogar” school and residence

It includes:

• a large 4 bedroom/ 4 bathroom house

• an apartment block containing  2 two-bedroom apartments and one three-bedroom apartment

• a smaller second house at the entrance to the property

• a very small unfinished shed style building that could be converted to an apartment, if needed in the future.


• city water and electricity

• internet access

• good drainage and septic system

• it is a safe property with no known record of vandalism

• easy walking distance to the beautiful town of Santa Lucia

• Santa Lucia is considered one of the most desirable and safest areas in Honduras to live and is equipped with a library and cultural centre. It also has a spectacular view of the mountains, with the city of Tegucigalpain the distance.  There is sufficient room on the property to add an additional building if needed In the future.

Academics and skills training: The basic high school academic program will be provided by Virginia Sapp, one of the oldest and finest private schools in Honduras. When we visited, the students were involved in their classes and in general it gave every impression of being a very well run school.

For those girls who may not be inclined towards an academic education, Santa Lucia has a public school that offers vocational training.  This public school would be an easy walk from the El Hogar Girls Residence. Operational expenses: El Hogar Board of Directors has agreed to raise the funds necessary for the operational costs of this program.

Conclusion: This is a very attractive property that saves the cost and manpower of developing a property from scratch.  The cost of this property was $265,000.  We will need to purchase appliances, furniture and accessories for the house and apartments at an additional cost. We see this as a wonderful opportunity for the girls of El Hogar.

We are hoping you agree and are prepared to give it your financial support.