Universal Outreach Foundation is a humanitarian organization developed with a purpose to serve vulnerable children and their communities. UOF works to ensure that students—young and old— have access to education. We do this through scholarships, program development, skills training and the creation of educational spaces. Since inception, Universal Outreach Foundation has touched the lives of thousands of children in Honduras, Burundi and Liberia.

In Canada, UOF meets with school groups, clubs and individuals to create an awareness of developing countries and global issues. Our aim here is to help the children and adults of the western world understand the struggles faced by those less fortunate and encourage action to alleviate poverty.


A Bold Idea

The founders of Universal Outreach Foundation know every penny counts.  That’s why we cover 100% of administration and fundraising costs ourselves; ensuring that 100% of your donation goes directly to projects helping the poor in Honduras and Liberia. To date the founders have also provided more than 40% of all required funding.

This level of commitment reflects our belief in these projects.  We hope this will inspire your confidence.



  • Increase access to education through the building of relevant and impactful curriculums, culturally contextual programs and educational facilities.
  • Apply local solutions to local challenges.
  • Apply the elements of successful business management, focusing on investments that maximize social returns.
  • Create partnerships with recipients so that a shared vision is realized through participation, collaboration, sweat equity, and financial responsibility.
  • Focus on sustainability within our programs and the environments we work in.


  • Knowledge transfer is key to sustainable development.
  • Relationships with recipients should be based on mutual respect, understanding, integrity and fair dealing.
  • Collaboration, commitment and participation from the we communities and individuals we work with.
  • Local taboos, values and notions of community must be considered in the construction and operation of all programs.
  • Philanthropic capital should be used with great care to ensure a positive impact is achieved.
  • Transparency and accountability with expenditures and processes.
  • By manifesting compassion to the world, we believe that peace and love will inherently transcend to future generations.


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