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Host family needed in Annapolis, Maryland to help a Liberian child in need.

Update on this post

A host family was secured for Maima and she was able to go to the United States for treatment. She had a successful surgery and returned to Liberia after a three month recovery period. Thanks to Children’s Medical Mission West, Dr. Zebovitz and the Pluta family for making this a reality.


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Maima is a young girl from the small town of Royesville, Liberia, West Africa. As many of you know, Royesville is where in 2009, Universal Outreach started a school building project and has been invested in the community ever since.

Two years ago it was identified that Maima has a serious issue with her jaw that makes it impossible for her to open her mouth more than a few centimeters. After long struggles to find a solution in Liberia’s overwhelmed medical system, she traveled to neighbouring Ghana for a CT scan. The CT scan was immediately sent to Children’s Medical Mission West, a charitable organization that focuses on medical emergencies.  A doctor in Maryland has been found who is willing to provide her free medical care for her Bilateral Temporomandibular Joint Boney Ankylosis, a condition that restricts her ability to open her mouth and has endangered her health.

This medical solution will win Maima a new lease on life that her family could otherwise never afford. While her medical and transport costs are all covered,we still need to find an Annapolis-area family to volunteer to house herwhile she is undergoing her surgeries and follow-up care over the course of six to twelve months.

Hosting Maima would be an outstanding cultural experience for an American family. Liberia became a homeland for freed American slaves, giving Liberia and the United States a long-standing bond that Maima’s country and its people treasure. By hosting her, a family can explore the cultural bridges between Liberia and the United States, learn the subtle differences between Liberian English and the English spoken in North America, provide a miracle for a country with limited medical capacity, and change the life of a child in need.

To learn more about Maima, please contact Landis Wyatt; to learn about the role of a host family and the screening process to ensure a safe and comforting placement, please contact Tami Shobe. Thanks for taking the time to read about Maima, and please share her story with your friends in the Annapolis area!

With gratitude,

Landis Wyatt and Kent Bubbs Jr