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Calling All Teachers!

Kids walking to school

Have you ever hoped to share your gifts as a teacher with children in Africa?

If you have a gift for teaching children to read Universal Outreach Foundation (UOF) would love to hear from you. UOF currently has two short term opportunities available for teachers, retired teachers, literacy experts or curriculum development virtuosos!

For the person that dreams of helping others in faraway places but needs to stay close to home…

In Liberia the literacy rate is still low and children rarely see a book outside of their time in the classroom. In addition to this, the form of English taught in school is quite different from Liberian English which is the spoken language of Liberia. These two factors can leave some students at a disadvantage. We believe in the potential of the children in Royesville and we know that given the correct learning tools and guidance they have the ability to be competent readers.

To hep these amazing kids we’ll need you to apply your knowledge of foundational reading skills to the existing language arts program. The remodelled program will fortify the current objectives set by Ministry of Education in Liberia through the addition of a strong reading skills development component. The first step will be to focus on early learners then (because we know you’ll want to come back!) build the program the following year with the addition of older grades. The end product will be structured in a weekly lesson plan format.

Ideally the candidate will be located in Vancouver but its possible to work from anywhere as long as we can connect with you via Skype, email and phone. You will have from April 1st to August 15th to complete the task. This position is on a volunteer basis.

For the person who has worked in a developing country, loves the rural life, and wants to travel…

This infinitely patient and adventurous person will implement the new language arts program at the school UOF built in Royesville Liberia, just 90 minutes outside of Monrovia, the capital city. You will help the teachers as they adjust to this exciting challenge and support them in their quest to be the best teacher they can be.  Your role will be as a facilitator and mentor to the teachers versus a directly instructing the children. You will also monitor the program, collect data and document its results.

While the teachers learn about reading from you, you will learn extensively about life in Liberia from them. Without a doubt it will be an enriching exchange!

UOF provide you with basic accommodation on the rural campus, a monthly stipend for food and one return airfare. In exchange, you will raise an agreed upon amount for a specific need at the school.

This position requires you to arrive in Liberia by September 4, 2014 and stay for a minimum of 5 months.

If you would like to learn more about either of these opportunities please contact Landis Wyatt at landiswyatt@gmail.com.