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The Pacific Ocean

What a view

I woke up this morning to the rhythmic sound of the waves breaking one after another. As I lay there listening with my eyes still closed, I briefly wondered – where am I? If you’ve ever had to move around a lot in your life, you know that moment I’m talking about. When your mind starts to wake, but all your senses haven’t arrived and the uncertainty that comes with being in too many places in a short period of time sets in.

My first thought was Liberia, but the ocean was too close, the temperature too cool and there were no chickens squawking outside my window sharing their apparent painful experience of laying an egg with me. As full consciousness quickly sunk in I remembered I was back in Canada, tucked away in this beautiful little ocean side cabin that, thanks to the kindness of friends, we get to call home this month while we reflect on this past year in Liberia.

As always, Liberia was amazing. Not amazing in the sense of, everything is so fun/ easy/simple, but amazing in the sense of, we witnessed lives so different then our own, we listened, we collaborated on solutions, we were willing to try.

Villagers were trained to fix their well, communities got clean water, farmers learned to bee keep, honey was bought, honey was sold, kids who wouldn’t otherwise go to school went to school and the list go on and on. There are too many stories for a short blog post, so instead of trying I’ll put this offer out there – call us, email us, Facebook us and we can get together to talk.  We’d love to share our experiences with you – all it takes is a comfortable chair and a good cup of coffee.

Kent and Landis