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Water Party!

You know the scene from the movies, where kids are playing in the water that is bursting from a fire hydrant on a hot summer day? I’m watching the Liberian version of that right in front of my eyes while I type.
This sort of thing NEVER happens here.
Water is way too precious to waste in the name of having fun, but this particular well happens to be in a swampy area where the recharge is great. Since we’re here to assess the problem, the well  needs to be pumped out so we can get to the bottom of things – literally.
The town has filled every bucket they own so now the man holding the water spout is directing it at the kids. They are so excited; laughing, dancing and yelling while their parents watch from a distance! I’m so hot I feel like joining in.
Here you a have a town that, in the peak of the dry season, has a well with a ton of water but because they don’t know how to fix it they are getting their water from a shallow uncovered well hole with bugs living in it. And that is no exaggeration; I was just watching the bugs swimming around.

We’re happy to be here to help and I’m looking forward to pumping out the water again when we come back to show them how to fix the well and train their team. This is so much fun to watch, I wish you could be here to see it.