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Universal Outreach is dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities to students of all ages. Through academic opportunities, market-driven skills training programs and entrepreneur mentoring we believe motivated students of all ages can build the future they envision.

What’s Happening Right Now

Improving coconut oil production is our focus for 2020. We’ve devised a practical mobile system for producing quality coconut oil and we’re ready to take it to communities. This efficient production system increases productivity by 200% by reducing the number of coconuts needed and processing time required. That’s a serious increase in profitability for the people living in these remote coastal villages.  By putting these coconut oil production kits into the hands of coconut farmers you‘ll be reducing poverty by providing income-generating opportunities to those that need it the most. You’ve seen the change honey production has made, help us do the same with coconut oil.

Beekeeping is having a big impact in Liberia. The demand for honey continues to grow and we want to see more people benefit from this opportunity to earn.  Universal Outreach continues to train communities as beekeepers so more Liberians can have the dignity that comes with being able to provide for their families’ needs.

 Our Guarantee

We know that every penny counts. This is why we cover all of the administration costs ourselves, ensuring that 100% of your donation goes directly into projects and programs.  



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