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DASE Junior High School 1


While the educational system in Liberia focuses on rebuilding its capacity, UOF, in partnership with the AME Church, is overseeing the operations at The Daniels Adams School of Excellence (DASE) located in Royesville, Liberia. We’ve been a part of DASE since 2007 and we know the incredible need this area has for a school that can provide a quality education.


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Achieving a level of education that will truly serve the children of this community is a worthy challenge UOF is honoured to collaborate on. With the AME Church of Liberia and the community of Royesville as our partners in progress, we are working to make DASE an educational facility that provides children and adults with the skills they need for a successful future.




Financial resources continue to be limited in Liberia and running a school in this restrictive environment requires a strong vision and help from people with a heart for giving children an education. UOF is dedicated to helping the school meet its potential and become a leading educational facility in the area. Please join us through these exciting years while the school evolves, giving more children an education and hope for the future.