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Ways to Give

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Train a Community to Beekeep

This program consists of an introduction to beekeeping course followed by one year of hands on learning at the hives. Each participant is equipped with a start-up beekeeping kit which will enable them to manage their hives, harvest honey, sell honey, and have the opportunity to expand their business.

Tarin moreTraining a community (20 people) – $9,500

Train one farmer to beekeep – $475

Provide a community with follow up support  from an extension worker – $1200/year

Buy a farmer a beekeeping suit – $75

Buy a community a honey extractor kit – $265

Buy a farmer a hive – $30


Beekeeping Extension Team

Our beekeeping extension team is essential for the development of the beekeeping industry in Liberia. This team of Liberia’s most knowledgeable beekeepers travels throughout the country to train new beekeepers and provide ongoing support. They offer a hand, provide resources, and encourage all the new beekeepers. They also collect data on bee health and colonization rates so West Africa can be aware of any developments with the African bee populations. It’s a sweet job and we need your help to keep the extension team in the field.


$7000 – Salary and transportation for an extension worker for a year

$585 – Salary and transportation for an extension worker for a month.

$4500 – Motorcycle for an extension worker (Honda XL)

$350 – Extension worker beekeeping kit


Child Sponsorship

Education is the first step in helping children achieve their potential and to break the cycle of poverty. By sponsoring a child to go to school you can eliminate the finacial barrier that stands in the way of a child continuing their education and give them the ability to dream about a better future. Learn more here.


To sponsor a child, click on the orange Donate now button. When you see the review donation form, please add in the “special instructions” space that your donation is for a child sponsorship. To finalize the reoccuring monthly payment we will need you to call the office or email us with your credit card information. Our apologies for this extra step that we soon hope to eliminate! We will then process your request and send you the information about your child.


Strive Learning Center

This facility will help support motivated children and adults who are seeking to expand their educational horizons through technology, online resources and inquiry based learning. We know how important knowledge is to lifting people out of poverty and we want to continue providing enriching environments for striving students.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.21.42 AM$15,000 – Renovations to utilize existing structure

$6,750 – Internet hardware and tower

$1,900 – One month of dedicated internet service

$10,000 – Program development

$5,000 – Furnishings and supplies