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Invest in Beekeepers

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Train a Woman to Beekeep

Sustain a Family



More women want to become beekeepers. They’ve seen the financial and nutritional benefits that beekeeping can bring to a family and they want to learn this income generating skill.

Universal Outreach is partnering with The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives to host a female beekeeper training program. This cost sharing grant requires us to contribute  $3000 (30%) of the total program cost.


This partnership between you, Universal Outreach and the Canadian Government is an excellent opportunity to empower a woman and sustain her family while having your donation matched.

I want to donate $3000 so I can partner in this program that will empower women.

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) provides direct funding assistance to local non-governmental organizations for small projects addressing gender equality and women empowerment.


Train a Community to Beekeep

Provide Financial Independence


Tarin more

Lofa County is the ideal climate for beekeeping. It has excellent crops and flora to support the development of strong bee colonies. It is also well-known for its hard-working farmers. The need for additional income sources in rural communities combined with the demand for honey means it’s time to scale this program up.

Our goal is to train 500 farmers in 25 communities.

To do this we need partners willing to invest in development work built on sound business principles. This investment yields Liberian families a healthy social return and financial independence.

This program consists of an introduction to beekeeping course followed by one year of hands on learning at the hives. Each participant is equipped with a start-up beekeeping kit which will enable them to manage their hives, harvest and sell honey, and have the opportunity to expand their business.

You can be a part of this market driven skills training by:

Training a community (20 people) – $9,500

Train one farmer to beekeep – $475

Provide a comunty with follow up support  from an extension worker – $1200/year

Buy a farmer a beekeeping suit – $75

Buy a community a honey extractor kit – $265

Buy a farmer a hive – $30