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Meet Maima

Maima is one of those kids that can eat an incredible amount of food. Last time we ate lunch together I was sure to order her pepper soup; one of the biggest meals on the menu. It’s a small mountain of food with one bowl housing about four cups of rice and a second bowl … Continue reading

How big is your trash pile?

To my dear loyal blog followers (who I have neglected for so long), I want to begin my resurgence into my life as a blogger by acknowledging that I have let Facebook come between us.  It’s simply just too easy to post a picture, write a few lines and convey a great story. Actually, while … Continue reading


  I’m rather confident that I’m the first person to make a donation UOF’s “Stop Ebola Now” campaign. In fact I’m 100% confident, because the campaign is still about 12 hours away from being launched. Right now I’m in Canada longer than I expected due to the Ebola crisis in Liberia. As I watch my … Continue reading

The Vortex

  With a coffee in one hand and my computer bag in the other I deftly shoulder check the front door open then cringe as I miss the critical last second foot wedge that stops it from slamming shut. It’s 6 am and since I had just officially awoke Kent with my poor door handling … Continue reading