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Topoe Town School

Completed School!

Five hours south east of Liberia’s capital city, Monrovia, is a small African village called Topoe Town. This village was bursting with kids but lacking an adequate educational facility. A Canadian Foundation, The Ecclesiastes Foundation, knew there was a need for a school that could offer the children in the surrounding community an education up to grade twelve. While Kent Jr was on his initial trip to Liberia he visited the site for the new school, then met with the Ecclesiastes Foundation upon his return to Canada. With their financial support, UOF took on the task of building this remotely located rural school.

Topoe Town is now home to a pre K to grade twelve school with a library, community hall, living quarters for the teachers, a washroom block and a well.

This school is presently run by our Liberian partners, the AME Church and offers classes up to grade 10.

Students of Topoe Town

New hand dug well


Homes of Topoe Town