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Who we are

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Universal Outreach Foundation is a humanitarian organization developed with a purpose to serve vulnerable and impoverished children and their communities.  Since inception, Universal Outreach Foundation has touched the lives of thousands of children in Honduras, Central America, Burundi, East Africa and in Liberia, West Africa. By focusing on children and the communities they live in, UOF provides fundamental support to ensure that students have the time and access to attend school. This aspect of our work includes development of infrastructure through the building of schools, bridges, restoration and digging of wells, and economic development within the communities.

In Canada, UOF meets with school groups, clubs and individuals to create an awareness of developing countries and global issues. Our aim here is to help the children and adults of the western world understand the struggles faced by those less fortunate and encourage action to alleviate poverty . By manifesting compassion to the world, we believe that peace and love will inherently transcend to future generations.