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Universal Outreach is dedicated to providing quality educational opportunities and youth/adult livelihood programs.  We believe that motivated students of all ages can build the future they envision through access to relevant educational programs. Then we take it one step further. We invest in market driven skills training programs and job creation initiatives to help people apply their knowledge in a way that benefits themselves, their family and contributes to their community.


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Our beekeeping training and extension support programs are changing lives. In a country where 70% of the population earns a living through agriculture, beekeeping has the potential to provide a much needed source of income for many people. This year beekeepers in Liberia DOUBLED their honey production and we want to see that momentum continue. The volume of honey currently produced in Liberia barely meets the demand and together we can train more people to benefit from this market driven skill.

We have some exciting opportunities in beekeeping that need your support. Find out more here! 


Watch this video to learn more about why Universal Outreach believes in the importance of investing in both education and livelihood programs.

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We know that every penny counts. This is why we cover all of the administration costs ourselves, ensuring that 100% of your donation goes directly into projects and programs.  



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