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Did you know that without bees our food choices would change drastically? Bees pollinate apples, cauliflower, raspberries, cabbage, garlic, watermelon, squash and almonds.  And that is only a small number of the foods and crops that depend on bees!

Show your support for bees—and Liberian beekeepers—by helping train 100 new beekeepers in 2017. Beekeeping creates a much needed income source for farmers in Liberia.  In turn, these parents gain financial stability they need to be able to take care of their children’s needs.

$30 buys a hive

$75 buys a beekeeping suit

$265 buys a honey extractor

$480 buys a farmer a year long beekeeper training program

$1,200 provides a community group with the support of an extension worker for a year

$9,500 trains a community of twenty people to beekeep


Learn more here about the advanced beekeeper training for Liberian beekeepers taking place in Canada this spring!

Our Focus

We’re dedicated to education and livelihood development. We want to ensure that parents have the dignity of providing for their family through market driven initiatives and that motivated learners of all ages have access to quality education. We also believe that these two focus areas need each other to meet their full potential. Watch this video to learn more about Universal Outreach and our innovative approach.

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Our Guarantee

We know that every penny counts. This is why we cover all of the administration costs ourselves, ensuring that 100% of your donation goes directly into projects and programs.  


Advanced beekeeping training

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